Kick it Up a Notch with Positive Affirmations

positive thinkingDoes being excited by life seem like something reserved for children? Are we too old, too responsible, to get caught up in surviving to be excited? A lot of us have simply forgotten to even let ourselves be excited when it comes to everyday living. After all we do the same thing in pretty much a routine way day after day. So what’s to be excited about, you might ask? To be honest we have to look a little harder and appreciate a little more.

It goes back to mindset. If we have the right outlook on life we open ourselves to options that otherwise might be missed. One way to do broaden our awareness is to simply affirm a good life.

Affirmations are all the buzz these days. For those who aren’t familiar with what constitutes an affirmation, let me explain. There is scientific evidence that our thoughts have power. Over the past several years leading physicists have conducted studies on how we influence the outcome of events with merely our thoughts. Taking that a step further, when we concentrate our thoughts aka hopes and prayers on a desired result we influence the process of bringing it into real time manifestation.

If this sounds like a lot of hooey palooey then take a gander at David R. Hawkins’ work in Power vs Force or Joe Dispenza’s studies in Evolve Your Brain, or anything by Gregg Braden or Leo Gura all of whom speak volumes to this point. Google any of these luminaries and find countless others who collaborate in the field of mind over matter (successful people effectively balance both).

Here are a few powerful affirmations as examples of how you can move your life in a chosen direction. Repeat an affirmation often throughout the day and it gets seeded into the subconscious to grow and thereby becoming even more of an ally.

• I am grateful that money flows towards me in increasing amounts, day by day through multiple income streams on a regular basis.

• I love myself, I believe in myself, and I deserve the best that life has to offer.

• I am the leader that people want.

• I am meeting life with full presence and power today.

• Everything and everyone prospers me now.

• I work well with others and others appreciate what I offer in return.

• Life supplies all my needs to great abundance, I trust life.

• May the freshness of this new day vitalize and heal my body. May there be balance and power in this day.

• May the creativity within me manifest to its highest potential.

These are a few examples of mindsets that can support and liven up your life. Using these or affirmations similar to these everyday sends the energy of our thoughts towards making them real.

Put together a couple of foundational – starts to the day – affirmations and let the games begin. Make them up, but always state in the affirmative. Be a quiet force within your own private game of life. And ask yourself is there even more of an opportunity to get excited about life? Are you excited about life?