Financial Freedom Equals Choices

FreedomI would much rather have the freedom to make my own decisions than have some politician dictate the best way to live my life.

“When you create financial freedom you are more able to step into your purpose on the planet.” Kate Northrup, author of Money: A Love Story.

Freedom is my on-going article theme and probably always will be. I frequently write about it because it is the very foundation of what makes me happy. I believe that people in general respond more to freedom than anything else.

Freedom shows up in many forms.

Ask yourself; wouldn’t you rather be picked up at the airport when returning from vacation by a stretch limo, fully stocked and equipped with Wi-Fi rather than an old Yugo that’s missing a rear brake light? Of course you would! When you think of financial freedom, you think of a life with choices along with luxury preferences.

Most everyone can have financial freedom if they really, – emphasis on “really” want it. As all the motivational speakers tell us, we can have anything we put our minds to. In this world, at this time with so many options, both on-line and off, it’s happening over and over again.

The ticket is to devote yourself to a niche, work hard for a period of time, stay the course and build an income stream that is designed to be residual. Residual and passive income keeps showing up once you’ve laid the original groundwork. It’s up to you whether you want that period of time to extend for months or years and how shrewd your personal investment was.

As a smart use of your time and money consider your niche carefully. Get involved with something you enjoy and can look forward to working each day. Working month to month just for the money without the enjoyment can get restrictive and there goes your freedom. On the other hand developing a business that brings you personal satisfaction along with the bucks keeps your freedom intact. An endeavor of this nature starts to evolve and grow on its own, leading to greater and greater rewards.

Think of your ‘why’ when beginning your financial pursuit of freedom; freedom from, or for what? Is it just the nice vacations? Is it the limo rides to and from the airport or a night on the town? Is it giving your family a lifestyle that you never had? Maybe it’s as simple as wanting to take care of others in need.

Finding your purpose is easier with a bit of cash in the bank. If you’re not entangled in how to pay the rent or mortgage life opens up. If your mind is on keeping the car payment current or paying your insurance bill, then you’re not free to find your true life’s purpose.

There are as many life purposes as there are people on the planet. Each one of us has goals that reward us personally or could be considered way outside of our personal realm. There are enough causes to keep us all busy for lifetimes, and choosing what most fulfills us should come naturally.

To have the financial freedom to make those choices is an objective worth aiming for. Click here and check out how setting positive affirmations can help you achieve your goals on the fast track.